How to maintain balance in today's political climate?

  • 12/01/2017 11:50 AM
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    Tom Smith (Administrator)

    Hello PMN members,

    I thought I'd get the discussion started in our brand new members forum. 

    I am increasingly hearing from my liberal friends that they are having difficulty maintaining emotional balance in these difficult political times. I too have been experiencing a kind of hopelessness coupled with poor sleeping patterns and anxiety. There is so much to do, it is easy to become overwhelmed. 

    What are you doing to try to keep a healthy balance between activism and maintaining your emotional health?

    Here are things I am working on. Can you add to or comment on my list?

    • Consider what I am really good at and concentrate on ways to focus those skills to benefit actions and organizations that are important to me
    • Turn off all social media, TV and other electronic connectedness at least 2 hours before bed time.
    • Engage in creative activities to express my feelings. For me, that is songwriting.
    • Limit my interaction with "the other side" to those who will engage in respectful discourse
    • Regular exercise. (In my case, my health insurance covers the cost of the local gym I joined)
    Your thoughts?

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