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This page links to recordings of Educational Workshops that are available to PMN Members.  Note: in order to access this page, it is necessary first that PMN members be logged into the PMN website.  You can log in here using the email we have on file for you.

Videos from PMN Summer Convergence, June 3-5, 2022

  • PMN Summer Concert: Ruben Gonzalez; Eric Law; Occupella; Tom Smith; Lindsey Wilson
  • Opening Ceremony -- Jane Sapp; Cleo Knopf; Huayra Forster; Gary Allard; Amgie Whitehurst; Charlie King
  • 1B. Songwriting: A Masterclass -- Emma’s Revolution; Leon Rosselson; Lindsey Wilson; Rick Burkhardt
  • 2A. From Negro Spirituals to Gospel: A Revolutionary Continuum --Lindsey Wilson; Jane Sapp; Michael Carter
  • 2B. Nature in Nueva Canción -- Colleen Kattau and Rubén Gonzalez
  • 2C. Guitar Technique Master Class: Simple Measures to Improve Guitar Playing -- Spook Handy
  • Round Robin Sing Around
  • 3B. Art is a Weapon -- Beb Bath; Paul Mishler; Jendog Lonewolf; Mario Cancel; Luci Murphy
  • 4A. Hit the Streets with Song! Lead Singing in Movements - Occupella & Black Workers Center Chorus
  • 4B. Peace and Justice Music with Children -- - Eric Law; Tom Smith; Kim Wallach; Sarah Pirtle

Videos from PMN Winter Convergence, January 28-30, 2022

  • PMN Winter Concert - Reggie Harris, Rick Burkhardt, Carolann Solebello, John Pietaro, Jendog Lonewolf
  • Opening Ceremony - Facilitated by Tobie Hoffman
  • 1A. Music in the Body Resistance, Empowerment, Release - Cleo Knopf, Angie Whitehurst, Tobie Hoffman
  • 1B. Unity Folk Club a Left wing Song Club in the UK, Our Roots & Current Activities - Members of the Unity Folk Club in London.
  • 1D. Song Circle: Connecting our Struggles - Facilitated by Sarah Pirtle and Eric Law
  • 2A. Activist Choirs in the Pandemic - Elise Bryant, Karen Mihalyi, Micki McCune, Miriam Anderson, Diane Porter
  • 2C. Musicians in Space Virtual Space, That Is - David Rovics, Pat Humphries & Sandy O (Emma’s Revolution)
  • 2D. Impact Songwriting - Reggie Harris, Rick Burkhardt, Carolann Solebello
  • 3A. Cornish Traditions and Rituals - Kathy Wallis
  • 3B. Nueva Cancion Back to the Beginning - Colleen Kattau, Ruben Gonzalez, Arlen Segura
  • 3C. DIY Home Recording, Question and Answer Session - Steve Deasy, Dilson Hernandez, Ken Whiteley
  • 3D. Song Circle Social Justice in Pandemic - Facilitated by Hali Hammer
  • LIVESTREAM: Round Robin Sing Around, People's Music Network - emceed by Gary Allard, hot glue & the gun (Joel McGlynn and Carrie Klein), and Dilson Hernandez
  • 4B. Brainstorm and Art Share about Inclusion & Community Building - Joanie Calem, Angie Whitehurst
  • 4C. Guitar Technique Master Class: Simple Measures to Improve Guitar Playing - Spook Handy
  • PMN Membership Meeting, Election & Closing

Videos from PMN Virtual Fall Mini-Convergence, October 16, 2021

  • Plenary Panel: Our Songs As "Medicine" For Communities In StruggleCharlie King, Jane Sapp, Ricardo Levins Morales, Lu Aya
  • 1A. The Craft of Songwriting - Bev Grant, Lindsey Wilson, Joshua Garcia, Marcie Boyd (Moderator)

  • 1B. Song Leadership for Healing Community Trauma - Luci Murphy and members of the Black Workers Center Chorus

  • 2A. Making Melodies Rick Burkhardt

  • 2B. Recording & Promoting Your Music - Paul Kaplan and Khaiim the RapOet

  • Round Robin - Hosts: Joel McGlynn and Carrie Klein (hot glue & the gun), Jendog Lonewolf, and Gary Allard

Videos from Workhop Series with David Rovics: "How to be a Troubador in the Age of Crowdsourcing", August to October 2021

  • SESSION 1: Songwriting and Performing
  • SESSION 2: Sharing Your Music
  • SESSION 3: Crowdsourcing Everything
    Videos from PMN Summer Convergence, June 4-6, 2021
    • PMN Summer Concert - Munit Mesfin, Elise Bryant, Sav-B, Elise Witt, Jane Sapp, Black Workers Chorus
    • Round Robin Sing Around
    • Opening Ceremony
    • 1A. The Black Freedom Struggle's Call to Arms The Message is in the Voice - Lindsey Wilson, et al.
    • 1B. Stealing Fire The Creation, Use and Abuse of Parodies - Charlie King, Nancy Schimmel,Al Bradbury
    • 2A. Singing For Fun For Everyone - Elise Witt
    • 2C. Your Music: Sharing And Surviving -- David Rovics, Pat Humphries & Sandy O (Emma’s Revolution)
    • 3A. Listen to that Voice! The Ongoing Relevance of Paul Robeson - Tayo Aluko
    • 3B. An Intro to GarageBand for Mac (or iPad) - Joel McGlynn
    • 3C. DIY Home Recording -- Ken Whiteley, Steve Deasy, and Dilson Hernandez
    • 4B. Let the Sound be Heard: OBS and Zoom - Joel McGlynn and Lucas Meyer
    • 4C. The Art of Beatmaking: Creating from scratch - Matt Div
    • PMN Membership Meeting & Closing Ceremony

    Videos from PMN Winter Convergence, January 29-31, 2021

    • PMN Winter Concert – Frankie Lopez, Kim Harris, Hot Glue & the Gun, G. Allard, M. Braven, L. Gilmore
    • Opening Ceremony
    • 1A. Zoom Techniques for Choirs and Small Ensembles – Anne Goodwin, Nick Page, Jan Maier
    • 1B. Introduction to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Digital Recording – Steve Deasy, Dilson Hernandez
    • 1C. Making Musical Video Collages – Karen Brooks, John Fisher, Cesar Barros, Josh Feintuch, Paul Kaplan
    • 2A. Social Justice Choirs During the Pandemic and Beyond – Penny Stone, Elise Bryant, Annie Levin, Josh Feintuch, Savitri D
    • 2B. Music of the Spirit: Black Spirituality – Lindsey Wilson, Kim Harris, Gary Allard, Lea Gilmore
    • 2C. Singing Together Online with Low Latency (Low Time Lag) – David Tarlo, Laurie Siegel, Chris Chafe (Jacktrip), Alex Carôt (Soundjack), Jessie Chappell (Sonobus)
    • 3A. Planetary Survival & Communal Singing – Annie Patterson, Melanie DeMore, Lea Gilmore, Jane Sapp, Aileen Vance, Emma’s Revolution, Peter Blood
    • 3B. Fight the Power! A Timeline of Political Songs in Hip Hop History – Dilson Hernandez
    • 3C. Driveway Choirs: Singing together Safely With Zero Latency (Zero Time Lag) – Bryce Denney, Kathryn Denney, Sandi Gubin
    • Round Robin Sing Around
    • PMN Membership Meeting & Closing

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