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  • 05/22/2022 10:15 PM | Chris "Oledude" Owens

    Greetings, friends!

    Please consider attending this great event at The Town Hall!  You have 24 hours to purchase a discounted ticket for $52 PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 25% DISCOUNT using this code: 25PMNPVC.   There are also livestream tickets available!

    Performers include Judy Gorman and Mike Glick with his son, Aleksi!

    Get all the details at  Time is running out! :)

  • 09/07/2021 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    MWALIM DaPhunkee Professor calls us to the dance floor once again for the 'Bronx Boheme' version of his beautiful "It Just Is" (Midnight Groove Recordings/LM3). Going live on all platforms on September 7, 2021 "It Just Is" will quickly become a wedding reception and anniversary party favorite. 

  • 08/05/2021 9:51 AM | Chris "Oledude" Owens

    Check out

    Social justice and environmental concerns are eternal, but, unfortunately, in today’s society the creators of relevant art are not as visible as “popular” creators and they are usually underappreciated. I am a songwriter and political activist.  I have been a PMN member since 1984.  I have founded ARTivistUS to empower the many super-talented individuals I have met — and will meet — whose work deserves more attention at the local, national and international levels.

    All creators need resources to live and pursue their creativity, and ARTivistUS will enable these special folks to continue that pursuit regardless of class, age, gender identification, race, ethnicity, or any other demographic factor.  We are officially launching on September 1 and are limiting our Year 1 client roster to 10.  The current client roster includes Chris Oledude, Geoffrey Owens, Dr. Wendy Ward, Judy Gorman, Mike Glick, Lindsey Wilson and Barry Oreck.

    The name “ARTivistUS” unites the artist with the activist … and with all of us. Each of us cares about our family members, our friends, our nation and our world. Filmmaker Ken Burns said it simply: ‘The thing that I’ve learned is that there is no “them.” It’s just us.’ Artists speak to our heart and there are always audiences for art that reflects desired improvements in the human condition.

    The “artivist’s” challenge is eternal: “How do I connect with ‘us’”? ARTivistUS has stepped forward to make those connections. The modus operandi of ARTivistUS is to harness the transformative power of art to promote awareness, provoke dialogue and, ultimately, catalyze meaningful social and structural change within American society and worldwide.

  • 05/11/2021 1:48 PM | Anonymous

    I sing in "A Besere Velt" [A Better World], a 75 voice chorus that sings Yiddish music of social justice.  We have an online concert on Saturday, May 15, 2021.  In addition to our chorus there will be a wonderful slate of guest stars, including Loren Sklamberg from the Klezmatics, Polina Shepard, a Siberian-born singer who leads both a Russian and Yiddish chorus in London, and several other premier contemporary Yiddish singers.  There will also be a narrative based on our concert title, "Singing for a Better World".

    There will be viewers around the world.  I guarantee it will be a moving evening of gorgeous music.  Note that ticket holders can stream at a more convenient time if needed. Buy tickets and learn more here:

    Thank you, Debbie Katz

  • 01/30/2021 10:52 PM | Chris "Oledude" Owens

    Greetings, PMN Family! 

    Please go to to hear my most recent songs, as well as older material (from 1984). 

    I hate writing lyrics, however.  If you have some lyrics or lyric ideas that you would like to share for a collaboration, then I am interested for this year's compositions. 

    Send an email to and put "PMN COLLABORATION" in the subject line. 

    Peace, love and safety!


  • 01/05/2021 3:09 PM | Paul Kaplan

    Dear Friends,

    I have recorded an album, to be called "We Shall Stay Here," and have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the mastering, graphic design and CD manufacturing. I'm hoping some of you can help me reach my goal by February 1.

    You may know me as the one who wrote "I Had an Old Coat," "Henry the Accountant" and "Call Me the Whale." This album consists of 12 songs I have written, and I'm thrilled at the way it came out.

    I was able to get amazing backup from Jay Ungar (composer of "Ashokan Farewell") and Molly Mason on four songs. I also sing a duet with John Roberts, of "Roberts and Barrand" fame. They believe in me enough to be part of this album. I hope you will, too!

    February 1 is fast approaching and Kickstarter is an all or nothing challenge, so I would appreciate any help you can offer in return for your reward. Here is the link:

    Pete Seeger said: "I am a big fan of Paul Kaplan. I love his singing; I love his songs." Who wouldn't want to be like Pete?

  • 12/09/2020 5:32 PM | Hali Hammer

    My new CD, “Days of My Life”, has finally arrived!

    You can listen to a sample of each song on the HearNow site and get digital downloads from several sources at:

    If you’d like a physical copy, you can do one of the following:

    1) If you’re local (East Bay): Pick it up at my house for $10! Or for $15 I can either deliver it to your house or mail it to your address. Cash or check. Email for address/phone number.

    2) If you’re not local, send a check made out to Hali Hammer for $15. Include your address and I’ll mail it out to you.  Email for address/phone number. – Thanks and Love, Hali

    3) You can also use PayPal. Send $15 to, but make sure you also email me with your snail mail address so I can send it to you.

  • 12/09/2020 5:20 PM | Ben Grosscup (Administrator)

    People's music Network is re-launching our member notes blog!  Use this resource to share information about your projects with other member and the public at large!

  • 07/23/2020 2:09 PM | Anonymous

    I am a founding member of MUSE and am proud that we are still going strong after 36 years.  MUSE: Cincinnati's Women's Choir just recorded a choral version of Nina Simon's Mississippi Goddam and we got more than 23,000 views in the first week.  We are going to record at least one new song a month so I will post others here.    Enjoy the recording and use it any way that furthers the Black Lives Matters movement:

  • 02/13/2019 2:19 PM | Anonymous

    If you have managed to find this, you'll already know all about the song swap. I am starting the Freedom & Struggle song swap because I believe that we must not limit ourselves to two weekends per year of singing, or organizing, of knowing and supporting and loving one another.

    If we end up doing nothing more, we will ultimately function not as the People's Music Network, but as the reunion of the People's Music Network.

    So join us, monthly if you can, in Greenfield. And carry it on.

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