The People's Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle sustains and grows a diverse community of performing artists, activists, and allies who use music, poetry, and other art forms as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.  

We host online, in-person, and hybrid programs that advance our mission, including online song and poetry swaps, educational workshops, and other participatory activities.

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The People's Music Network is hosting our Fall Gathering from October 4-6, 2024, taking place for the second year in a row at Camp Grotonwood in Groton, MA.

The event begins with arrival and participatory singing on Friday, October 4.  Then on Saturday and Sunday (October 5 & 6), we’ll have participatory workshops and songswaps, and a Saturday night “Round Robin” – all highlighting the role of music in progressive social change. Expect numerous opportunities to share music, sing together, and to join efforts to bring music into the heart of struggles for justice and freedom today.

PMN's Upcoming Events

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