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  • Virtual Round Robin @WinterConvergence (Friday) -ZOOM/LIVESTREAM

Virtual Round Robin @WinterConvergence (Friday) -ZOOM/LIVESTREAM

  • 02/10/2023
  • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • You'll receive the Zoom Meeting Info immediately upon registration.


  • Requires code.
  • If you wish to join PMN, see https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

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What is the PMN Virtual Round Robin?

This Virtual Round Robin sing around event takes place on Zoom as part of the People's Music Network Winter Hybrid Convergence, February 10-12, 2023.  There is a separate In Person Collaborative Concert, which is similar to the Round Robin, taking place in NYC at The People's Forum on the evening of Saturday, February 11.

Members of the People's Music Network may use the registration form on this page to sign up to share a song or a poem in the Round Robin.  This event is an evening of sharing by PMN members and friends.  We especially encourage first time members to participate.  Members from all over the world are invited to sign up to share one song, spoken word, storytelling, or dance piece.  There is a 5 minute time limit for each performer.  There is no set topic.  We simply ask that participating artists relate their performance to PMN's mission of using music, poetry, and other forms of cultural work as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.  

The Round Robin is the quintessential activity of People's Music Network Gatherings.  You can read a brief history of the People's Music Network written by Charlie King and Luci Murphy, which describes the first Round Robin in 1977.   The format of the Round Robin is similar to PMN's online Song and Poetry swaps, which began in March 2020.  But there will be more hosts, more performers, more fanfare, and it will go later than usual. 

Free Livestream


Friday, February 10, 6:30 - 10:00 PM (ET)

*** Right after the show ends, the archive of the livestream will be available at this same link.

Registering and Connecting

Registered performers and audience members will receive an e-mail message containing the Zoom Meeting link.  Performers will receive a specific estimated time slot when they will perform.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, February 8, 2022 at 12:00 PM (ET)

LYRICS AVAILABLE:   https://bit.ly/2023-02-10-Lyrics-RR


1. 6.35 PM (ET) - Galen Brandt and Jackson Gillman "TBD"

2. 6.40 PM (ET) - Ruben Gonzalez "California" www.rubengonzalezmusic.com

3. 6.45 PM (ET) - Adele Rolider "DE-ESCALATE!" www.adelerolider.com

4. 6.50 PM (ET) - Eric Law "Too Many Candles" www.erichflaw.hearnow.com

5. 6.55 PM (ET) - Marcie Boyd "By and By" 

6. 7.00 PM (ET) - Terry Kitchen "Older Than Yesterday" www.terrykitchen.com

7. 7.05 PM (ET) - Susan Rogers "Oh Give Me A Home"

8. 7.10 PM (ET) - Norman Bowen "What Do I Owe My Neighbor?" www.normbowenmusic.com

9. 7.15 PM (ET) - Alison Frost "Try to Remember Parody"

10. 7.20 PM (ET) - Ben Grosscup "Harriet Tubman's Ballad"

11. 7.25 PM (ET) - Mara Levine "Be The Change by Arlon Bennett" (pre-recorded video)

12. 7.30 PM (ET) - Sandy Pliskin "TBD"

13. 7.35 PM (ET) - Barbara Dyskant "TBD"

14. 7.40 PM (ET) - Miles Megaciph "Everybody Arise" www.megaciph.com

15. 7.45 PM (ET) - Jessica Smucker "The Beautiful" www.jessicasmucker.com

16. 7.50 PM (ET) - Ryc Ward "The AI Blues!"

17. 7.55 PM (ET) - Bett Padgett "Things Won't Change if Things Don't Change" www.bettpadgett.com

18. 8.00 PM (ET) - Mike Glick "We Shall Be Free"

19. 8.05 PM (ET) - Elyas Isaacs "African Child"

20. 8.10 PM (ET) - The Scooches (Nick Russo, Betina Hershey, and Miles Griffith) Russo "Stop This Climate Change" www.TheScooches.com(pre-recorded video)

21. 8.15 PM (ET) - Tobie Hoffman "We Are All" www.tobiehoffmanmusic.com

22. 8.20 PM (ET) - Chris the Bard "Friends I've Made" www.christhebard.bandcamp.com

23. 8.25 PM (ET) - Nikki Nesbary "Frontline Outcry" www.youtube.com/@nikkinesbary

24. 8.30 PM (ET) - Chris "Oledude" Owens "TBD" www.oledude.rocks(pre-recorded video)

25. 8.35 PM (ET) - Martha Older "The Weather Song"

26. 8.40 PM (ET) - Steve Siegelbaum "Build Back Better"

27. 8.45 PM (ET) - Thea Hopkins "The Ghost Of Emmett Till" www.theahopkins.com(pre-recorded video)

28. 8.50 PM (ET) - Paul Kaplan "House on Fire" www.paulkaplanmusic.com

29. 8.55 PM (ET) - Carole Wise "Listen In" www.carolewisemusic.com(pre-recorded video)

30. 9.00 PM (ET) - Joel Landy "Nobody Loves You When You're Up and In" www.singfreedom.org

31. 9.05 PM (ET) - Michael & Nell Levin "TBD" www.MichaelandNell.com

32. 9.10 PM (ET) - Steve Deasy "TBD"

33. 9.15 PM (ET) - Sydney Clemens "Lift every voice and sing."

34. 9.20 PM (ET) - Pete Kronowitt "Change Is Gonna Come" www.petekronowittmusic.com

35. 9.25 PM (ET) - Jenny Amanda Hurwitz "TBD" www.youtu.be/xFw4_b46FZE

36. 9.30 PM (ET) - Roy Gamse "Rocking Chair (The Woman Who Was Born a Slave)"

37. 9.35 PM (ET) - Lindsey Wilson "Grateful" www.LindseyWilsonMusicnow.com

38. 9.40 PM (ET) - Barry Kornhauser "TBD"

39. 9.45 PM (ET) - Bonnie Lockhart "Every Single One of Us" www.bonnielockhart.com

40. 9.50 PM (ET) - Marc Hecker "The War is Over"

41. 9.55 PM (ET) - Judy Gorman "Where I Need To Be" (pre-recorded video)

42. 10.00 PM (ET) - David Tarlo "Put It on the Ground"

43. 10.05 PM (ET) - Barb and the Coal Kickers "Lululemon / Coal-Free Fashion" www.RandomOldLady.bandzoogle.com(pre-recorded video)

44. 10.10 PM (ET) - Gary Kanter "W're Burning Books Tonight" www.garykanter.com

45. 10.15 PM (ET) - Lydia Adams Davis "A Woman's Job" www.lydiaadamsdavis.com

46. 10.20 PM (ET) - Paul Goldman "Thank You"

47. 10.25 PM (ET) - Violizzy "We Are the Sea" Www.Violizzy.com(pre-recorded video)

48. 10.30 PM (ET) - Steve Suffet "TBD" www.stevesuffet.com

49. 10.35 PM (ET) - Louise Hetzler "TBD"

50. 10.40 PM (ET) - Storm "poem/song meld"

Eligibility to Perform:

Performers in this Round Robin must:

1)   Be PMN members in good standing.* 

2)   Register using this online form.  (Press "Register" on the left hand menu)

3)   Have a computer or other device with functioning video camera and microphone.

* If you are not a PMN member, you may join here: https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

How we Select the Performers

Every PMN member wishing to perform at this event is invited to register and to do so sooner than later.  Selection in the line up, however, is not first-come first-served. We give priority to new PMN members as well as PMN members who have not performed recently in one of our previous online swap events.  PMN holds song swap events regularly.  If the performance time you receive doesn't end up working for you, anticipate more opportunities soon!  Since this is a special Round Robin singing event, we are welcoming in a larger number of performers than we usually do in the space of a single night.  EVERYONE keen to share is invited to please sign up!

Technical Orientation Session: Thursday, February 9, 5:00-7:00 PM

Selected performers will receive an e-mail invitation to a technical orientation session at the time listed above by the morning of the same day.  We will discuss and practice how to get the best sound when sharing music on Zoom.  Each performer will have a chance to sing a verse of a song and then receive feedback on ways to improve the audio quality.  While perfection is not expected, artists new to Zoom are strongly encouraged to attend the tech run through, because doing so will build your confidence in using these tools.  The audio quality that listeners hear of your live performance depends on the equipment you have and how you use it.  Find tips to improve audio quality here.

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