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Twelve Performances from PMN's Social Justice Songs Showcase

12/21/2017 8:00 AM | Ben Grosscup (Administrator)

Watch all 12 Performances on youtube!

Last month People's Music Network sponsored the PMN Social Songs Showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance, featuring 12 different acts, each performing original and timely songs that speak to issues of class oppression, US military domination, racism, the rights of immigrants and refugees, the distortions of political thought today, and hope for a better world.

Singout! Article "Busy Times for People’s Music Network"

Ron Olesko (host of "Traditions" on WFDU) was one of the judges. He wrote an article for Singout! that describes this particular showcase, the strengths of the songs, and the thinking of the panel of judges, which also included Jane Fallon (Award winning songwriter & author) and Ron Cooke (host of "Music They Don't Want You to Hear" on KTAL).

The 12 Songs on a Soundcloud Playlist

  1. Crys Matthews, "Battle Hymn for an Army of Lovers"
  2. David Roth, "Home of the Brave"
  3. Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches, "Get Us Out Of Fear Land"
  4. Emma's Revolution , "Still Here"
  5. Chris LaVancher, "Nostalgia"
  6. Bev Grant, "I Am A Sewing Machine"
  7. Mark Kilianski, "The Blue Sky Ain't No Friend Of Mine"
  8. Eleanor Kleiner, "Fat Cat"
  9. Dave Richardson, "We Got A Boat"
  10. Bethlehem and Sad Patrick, "Mother of Exiles"
  11. Mike Glick, "We Shall Be Free"
  12. Judy Kass, "Look at us Marching Now"
People's Music Network would like to give a huge thank you to JB Nuttle from World One Video for providing videography services for this showcase! Thanks also to the judges, and to the 45 NERFA attendees who made song submissions for this showcase!

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