Tips for Distance Collaboration

  • 05/03/2020 2:00 AM
    Message # 8942746


    I live in northern Minnesota, my bandmate lives in New Mexico. We were going to try and get an EP recorded this summer but that was contingent on me being able to travel down and play with him. 

    Does anyone have experience recording songs remotely? I'm thinking we can rehearse a couple times through Zoom, get everything hammered out, one of us (probably whoever is singing lead) lays down the main vocals and guitar, then the other one can listen to that on one device while recording on another?

    Neither of us are virtuoso musicians, we're both lyricists first and foremost, so our first album is just a very raw, very live, "energy carries it" sort of venture. So any words of advice from folks who have done more technically demanding recording would be very welcome; what tech to try and track down, tricks that make things easier, anything.


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